Introducing our new sponsor!

Message from Kenko Mayonnaise Co., Ltd.
Kenko Mayonnaise is joining as a new member. We share a Kobe hometown with P&N, and have just reached our 60th anniversary. We’re looking forward to working together with all of you in acting on an international level right here in Kobe.

About Kenko Mayonnaise Co., Ltd.
Kenko Mayonnaise is a company with a Kobe history, and now they’ve become our newest sponsor! Oshiba-san, the head of their Tokyo headquarters CSR office, made the long trip to our Ozo Base because he was so interested to learn about our work. Our programs have three pillars: food, environment, and human development, and we’re looking forward to working with Kenko Mayonnaise on food-related CSR activities! Welcome to Peace & Nature!