We held Peace & Nature’s 15th Anniversary Party and Ozo Base Housewarming on November 3, 2017. More than 60 of our friends and supporters gathered to celebrate with us.

In the past year, we manually dismantled the old part of the house, built an energy-saving kamado woodstove (Aino Kamado) with the support of Felissimo and assistance from Aino, Mie Prefecture, and installed a toilet with the support of iCraft Corp. Our members designed and built the walls and roof for the kamado stove and toilet. It’s all thanks to you that we’ve gotten this far!

On the day of the party, we cooked brown rice and pizza in the kamado stove and served it with red rice from our kind neighboring farmer Nishi-san and dishes cooked with vegetables from the Peace & Nature garden. Everyone enjoyed musical performances and dancing amid an international atmosphere.

Jonathan from the Asian Rural Institute even visited from faraway Nasu, Tochigi Prefecture! Thank you so much for all our corporate sponsors, individual donors, and all our members who support us every day!