Peace & Nature is working to revitalize the forest on Mt. Rokko as part of our mission to create an abundant and sustainable environment for the next generation together.

We have been planting trees every year, and this year we planted konara oak (10 trees), wild cherry (5 trees), large-leaf dogwood (10 trees), Japanese maple (10 trees), Chinese hackberry (10 trees), and muku tree (5 trees), for a total of 50 trees.
An amazing 68 people joined us today, including many employees from our co-sponsor, iCRAFT Corp. We had a very diverse group, also including small children, elementary schoolers, and many non-Japanese. Everyone enjoyed the plum blossoms and the song of the uguisu, or Japanese bush warbler, as we hiked up to the planting site.
At the Peace & Nature forest area, we first demonstrated how to plant the trees, then the 68 participants divided into 8 groups and chose group leaders. All the participants planted their trees with safety and care under the guidance of their group leaders. Group leaders and participants, thanks so much for your hard work!
Our next step is to make sure these saplings grow up healthy. We’re going to continue to maintain this forest area and give it the attention it deserves.
We also had drone photography and a cable TV crew with us today.
We were lucky enough to enjoy good weather, and we completed our work on the mountain with a sense of satisfaction.