Rokko Forest Creation Activities 2018

On Sunday, November 25th, 16 people participated in good weather for the perfect autumn mountain activity day.

In the viewing square on the way, small fragments of glass were noticed, so all the participants cleaned up together quickly, and it took about 10 minutes to reach the activity area from there. At first, we moved to the south-eastern slope, cut down the undergrowth, and a number of mountains were made with reaped “Nezasa”. Then, we got to work on reattaching 50 seedlings planted in March this year. On the western steep slope, we finished working whilst watching our steps.

In this activity area there were many varieties of trees such as ‘rabbit’ and ‘butterfly’ trees, but pine seedlings are also growing. Participants searched for shoots, and over 50 sprouts were found, marked gently with a purple ribbon.

In closing, Baharam talked about the fact that there are people who are working hard in the background to make this activity happen, and finished our activities with Mr. Yamamoto, a representative of iCraft Corporation, co-hosted by Rokko Mountain Activity.

紅葉を楽しみながら活動エリアへ       子供もネザサ刈りがんばりました