On September 23rd and 30th of last year,  we harvested our very first crop of rice on the fallow field we revitalized.

This land had been dormant in a natural state for several years. Peace & Nature members worked hard to clear away shrubs and weeds with essential help from the Ozo community, allowing us to revitalize this field.

At first we were worried about whether the water would drain out or whether the rice would grow properly. We grew our rice without any agricultural chemicals in the rich natural environment of Ozo, and it lived through typhoons and wild boar intrusions. Finally, everyone enjoyed the abundance of autumn as we worked together to harvest our rice.

We created a rack made of bamboo to let the rice dry, and at times it seemed the rack would collapse, but we all worked together to successfully hang the rice to dry. We’re so grateful to the blessings of the soil, the water, the sun, and nature!

First workshop: September 23rd, 2017

Second workshop: September 30th, 2017