Hiking & Environmental Activity in Rokko Mountain FUN & CHALLENGE !

Peace & Nature has a theme to “Create a rich and sustainable environment together for the future children!”

As a part of environmental activities, also towards making SDGs, we are engaged in forest making at Mt. Rokko. On Saturday, March 2nd, 80 people participated in our cheerful Spring activity planting trees. Participants ranged from 4 year old children to senior citizens, and people from many different countries such as the United States, Iran, India, the Philippines, France, etc. We all got together to protect our environment, experience a protective fence etc. We planted six kinds of 30 species of seedlings in 2 different places.

At Hokura shrine, people could experience a Yoga retreat by Purvi from India. While concentrating on breathing in the forest, it was a very special moment and we enjoyed so much together.

Peace & Nature has a special team of Rokko forest making activities. We do preliminary planting in preparation for this tree planting, tree point marking and hole drilling, as well as low-level weeding once a month, and undergoing steady activities such as slope maintenance.

This year, we’ve been working on improving the activity site by increasing the tree name tag little by little. Participants took children to find the tags one by one.

Daily Hiker also stops at Peace & Nature activity area and it seems our area is a good resting spot.

To all the participants, the sponsors, everyone who cooperated, (and NHK who came to accompany the interview), we really appreciate your cooperation.

Thank you so much!


オープニング(バハラムさん、アイクラフト社 山本さんの挨拶)

ヨガリトリート(保久良神社) /   植樹デモンストレーション