At Peace & Nature, we have embraced Zen as a human development program. Nine people participated in a Zazen Workshop on March 23 (Saturday).
Last month, Bahram’s father passed away, and on this day, a farewell party was held after a reception. After praying for good luck, all the participants adored Hunaku Shinsei, and after the burning incense, Bahram talked about memories with his father.
The work performed on this day was care of the herb garden. We also planted the kumquat on this day, which is the 49th day of his father’s death.
In the world of ZEN, it is said that the teacher will continue to lead his disciples even if he dies. This is of course, that the disciples who have continued to look at the master’s back may make a judgment based on the master’s words and actions unconsciously thereafter.
Bahram’s father will surely live in the heart of Bahram and his descendants.