Peace and Nature is holding Zazen Meditation workshops as part of our mission to develop the human potential of participants and to raise ‘Global Green Leaders’. In Zazen, your slow and deep breathing gradually warms up your body, and you come to feel moments of ease. The regulated breathing of Zazen has been shown to 1.) help you relax using alpha brain waves, and 2.) lead to brain stimulation due to the release of serotonin. We encourage you to try this experience and master the breathing techniques for use during your work and daily life. We will also teach Zen sayings that contain life wisdom. We welcome your participation.

Date: Saturday, June 22th 9:00-12:30 Location: 47 Hisaihara, Ozo-cho, Kita-ku, Kobe (Peace & Nature Ozo Base) (Directions here)

Participants: 10 (first come first served) People of all ages and genders are invited to participate. (4 people first come first served): Free pick-up service from the Kitano Ijinkan Starbucks Coffee or Hankyu Oji-Koen Station) Fee: Free

9:00 Meet at Ozo Base
9:20 Zazen (learning how to sit, meditation experience, lesson on Zen saying)
11:00 Work called “Samu” (cleanup in a zazen-room, vegetable field maintenance)
12:00 Lunchtime 12:30 Finish

Please bring: Drink, lunch (light meal), comfortable clothing (jersey, work clothes, etc.)

Applications & inquiries: Please apply by email or through the form below. Deadline: Thursday, June 20th Email: