● Let’s grow delicious vegetables with seeds full of thoughts! ●

This year we will also be holding the “ Seeds School”. At “ Seeds School”, we will have an exchange event for seeds in the first half. If you feel like to grow vegetables this year, please feel free to participate. If you are already growing vegetables and have your own seeds, why not try to grow new varieties by exchanging seeds brought by other vegetables-making friends?

In the latter half, Mr. Aizawa of Aizawa Foods will talk about “natto as fermented food” as last year. It is a very fun story. If you are interested in fermentation, please join us.

At the Seed Exchange, bring your own fixed or native species (vegetable seeds, herb seeds, flower seeds, seed potatoes, etc.) Even those who do not have seeds can participate! !

☆ Introduction of Mr. Aizawa who talks about “natto as fermented food”
Representative Director of Aizawa Shokuhin
Representative Director of Kansai Natto Industrial Association
Company founded in Nada Ward, Kobe
It’s been 65 years. Relocated to the current Fukusaki town due to the earthquake.

Date: Saturday, March 21, 2020
Time: 10:00 to 15:00
Place @ 47, Nishihara, OZO-cho, Kita-ku, Kobe-shi
Property: Fixed species, native species. In-house seeds are OK.
We will have lunch together, please bring your own side dish and food.
Participation fee: 2000 yen

{9:50} Meeting / Reception
10:00 Participant self-introduction
11: 00 @ Tanane exchange party
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Story of Natto
15:00 Scheduled to end

Seed・Soil・Human Institute for Future


私はPeace & Natureのメンバーです / I'm a member of Peace & Nature

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Please be sure to read the participation agreement. If you don't enter a signature above, you can not join the workshop. For those who apply for several people, a signature to the consent form is required for each person. Please print out the above agreement and have your guests bring it on the day of the event. Thank you for your cooperation.