SDGs Action Project – Post Corona Act on social issues in the new era

Climate change, a fragmented society, AI technological innovation, and the worldwide spread of the corona virus are concerns for the international community. How do we think and act in this situation?

This discussion will start on August 6th. This day is Hiroshima’s Atomic Bomb Memorial Day, and companies, students, and NPOs will think and act together to send concrete measures from Kobe to the world towards the realization of a sustainable society in the new era of “post corona.” Passionate people will participate. Please join us.

Date and time: Monday, August 6, 2020 19:00-21:00 (open 18:40)

Place: Office DO (2-7F Duman Building, 1-7-11 Yamamoto-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe)

8 minutes walk north from Sannomiya Station of JR/Hankyu/Hanshin, directly opposite the Nishimura Coffee Kitanozaka store

(Nishimura Coffee Kitanozaka

Participation fee: Adult: 1,500 yen (member: 1,000 yen), Student: 1,000 yen (member: 500 yen)

Theme: “Post-Corona” Acting on social issues in the new era

*Please apply online.

Deadline: Tuesday, August 4, 2020

*Please note that it will be carried out under corona infection prevention measures.

Held by Peace & Nature

Cooperation: Office DO (Mr. Kikuchi)


私はPeace & Natureのメンバーです / I'm a member of Peace & Nature

参加同意書はこちらへ / Read Participation Agreement here


Please be sure to read the participation agreement. If you don't enter a signature above, you can not join the workshop. For those who apply for several people, a signature to the consent form is required for each person. Please print out the above agreement and have your guests bring it on the day of the event. Thank you for your cooperation.