~ Green Wave Project ~

Peace & Nature (P&N) has launched the “P&N Green Wave Project” to plant 10,000 new trees from 2021. This project will be the start of our efforts to further address the issue of climate change while having fun together with companies, students, organizations, local communities, and foreigners. The first tree planting activity will be held at the Ozo Base. The first tree planting activity will be held at the Ozo Base, where we will be working together with people in the beautiful countryside of Ozo Town under corona infection prevention measures. We will also be cutting down bamboo to preserve the fallow land. Please come and experience it for yourself. We look forward to your participation.

Date and time: Saturday, April 17 
(In case of rain, the event will be canceled at 7:00 a.m. on April 17.
Gathering time: 10:00 AM
(Place: Peace & Nature Ozo Base, 47 Hisaibara, Ozo-cho, Kita-ku, Kobe-shi 650-0002)
Please note that this event will be conducted under corona infection prevention measures. (Number of participants: 20)

Participation fee: Free
What to bring:
Lunch box, drink, leisure sheet, gloves, towel, change of clothes, mask, 1 liter of water for sprinkling. 
(Helmet will be provided.)

Clothing for work: Long sleeves, long pants, etc., suitable for touching trees, shoes suitable for working in satoyama

10:00 Gathering, Opening, Tree planting, Bamboo cutting
(Lunch: around 12:00)
15:00 Closing 

Registration & Inquiries  
Applications will be accepted by e-mail. 

Application deadline: April 15 (Thursday)

This activity is subsidized by the National Land Afforestation Promotion Organization “Green Fund”.

私はPeace & Natureのメンバーです / I'm a member of Peace & Nature

参加同意書はこちらへ / Read Participation Agreement here


Please be sure to read the participation agreement. If you don't enter a signature above, you can not join the workshop. For those who apply for several people, a signature to the consent form is required for each person. Please print out the above agreement and have your guests bring it on the day of the event. Thank you for your cooperation.