On April 19, the Climate Change Initiative (JCI) published the “JCI Message Calling the Government of Japan for an Ambitious 2030 Goal to Realize the Paris Agreement.” JCI’s message is to strengthen Japan’s reduction target from the current 26% to at least 45%, which is comparable to Europe and the United States, to an ambitious level suitable for its role and responsibility as a developed country, in order to avoid the climate crisis. 291 organizations including Peace & Nature (208 companies, 22 local governments, 61 other organizations, NPOs, NGOs, etc.) have expressed and the joint statement, and published in the Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Asahi Shimbun, and The Japan Times on April 22.

Green Wave Project
Peace & Nature (P & N) has been working on to develop green leaders through various hands-on activities related to SDGs, especially focused on No. 13 (climate action), No. 4 (quality education) and No. 17 (partnership). And we have launched a new 10,000 tree planting project (Green Wave Project) from this year. We will work together with schools, companies, organizations and people from different countries, have fun together and focus on the issue of climate change.

Tree planting areas should be other than private areas such as parks, riverbeds, and mountain roads. We will be happy to provide 20 seedlings free of charge to schools, groups, companies, etc., so please join us in this Green Wave project and work together on climate change, and challenge the problem together! Feel free to contact us if you are interested!

Contact: Kan Aoki