MAY Taue Workshop have been cancelled and have been rescheduled to JUNE.

Peace & Nature uses fallow fields in OZO-cho, Kita-ku, Kobe to grow rice without using pesticides. This year, we will hold a rice planting workshop divided into five days while striving to prevent corona infection. It will be a hands-on workshop under the prevention of corona infection, we look forward to your participation. Please note that the content may change depending on the policies of the government and local governments.

The application for the rice planting workshop has finished.

  • In case of rain, we will decide to be held or canceled at 7:00 am on the day of the event.

[Place] 47 Hisaihara, Ozo-cho, Kita-ku, Kobe-shi Peace & Nature OZO base area
[Schedule] Meeting at 10:00, ending at 14:00

  • From 13:00 to 14:00, you can have lunch outdoors at OZO Base, please bring your own lunch.

Please park your car at 菰樽工場 (Komodaru Factory). 
After parking your car, please meet at OZO base. 
Click here for a parking map (PDF)

[Participation fee] Member: 1,500 yen (elementary school student 500 yen), Non-member: 3,000 yen (elementary school student 1,500 yen)

This workshop is from elementary school students and above. Our activities take place in nature. Parents or guardians of small children, please keep an eye on children to prevent accidents. Please remain with your children at all times during the activity. We cannot assume responsibility for injuries. 

[Clothing when planting rice] Short-sleeved clothes, shorts, hat (basically clothes that can become muddy)

[What to bring] Drinks, masks, hats, towels, change of clothes, sandals (or shoes / socks that may become muddy), Bucket for seedlings

・ We will prepare a “health check sheet” to check the physical condition of the participants. (Please refrain from participating if you have symptoms such as fever or cough.)
・ We will prepare a disinfectant hand sanitizer.
・ Please wear a mask.
・ We will inform participants about other infection prevention measures such as avoiding mutual contact such as shaking hands and crossing shoulders.
・ Outdoor activities including lunch. (If participants move indoors due to changing clothes, etc., open two or more windows to ensure ventilation so that the distance between people is 2 m, and the space is closed, crowded, and close. Try to avoid the “three conditions” of the scene)

The application for the rice planting workshop has finished.