Peace & Nature is a group of people of all ages and nationalities who are interested in food and the environment who have joined together to take action. We believe our role is to create more opportunities for children and young people to learn in nature, and encourage them to feel, think, and act for themselves. Our adult members support this process, increasing the number of young people aware of food safety and environmental conservation. We have lots of fun programs for families who want their children to experience nature, students, and youth. We welcome you to join us!

Corporate Memberships

Corporate Memberships

Our purpose is to pass on a sustainable environment to the next generation.  Our adult members of all generations and nationalities collaborate to help children learn in nature and grow into Green Leaders who will create our future. But this is a big goal, and we can’t accomplish it alone. We are recruiting corporate members who wish to support us as part of your CSR activities. Our children have hands-on experiences, interact with rural residents, and encounter traditional Japanese culture to learn wisdom on living in harmony with nature. They also have natural interactions in English with our members of various nationalities, and we are working to contribute to cultivating young people who can act in the global community.

We welcome your interest and hope you will become a corporate member.

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Sign Up

Membership types

Membership type Annual Fee (yen)
Participating member Individual member 3,000
Family member 3,500
Student member 1,000
Corporate Supporter 30,000
Corporate Sponsor 100,000
Donating member Individual 3,000
Corporate 30,000

*Participating members: receive a discount rate for P&N events.
*Donating members: members who sympathize with our goals and wish to support our activities and operations.
*Student memberships are for junior high school, high school, university, and graduate students.

Please fill in the following membership application and transfer your membership fee to the following bank account.

After you have registered, we will send you a members’ handbook, newsletter, and event and workshop announcements.

Bank account information:

Bank: Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
Branch: Kobe Branch (581)
Account type: Savings
Account number: 0115999
Account name: NPO Hojin Peace & Nature

Postal bank transfer: Yuucho
Branch number: 428
Account number: 0501176
Account name: Tokutei hieiri katsudou houjin Peace & Nature

If you are unable to participate directly in our activities but support our cause, please join as a supporting member. We would also be very grateful for your support in the form of a donation.

We are also recruiting volunteers. You may sign up to be a volunteer when you become a member. We will send you information every time we hold a workshop or event that needs volunteers.

Please sign up using the form below.

入会の手引きはこちらへ(日本語) / Read Membership Guidelines here (English)

Nature School

Nature School

Sign Up: Nature School 2019 Application

Our Nature School is a bilingual experiential program where children can learn by getting their hands in the soil. Children will enjoy the program while learning about the kindness and severity of nature. The program has three themes:

  1. Food and farming
  2. The environment
  3. Human development

This program is for school events and trips for Japanese schools, international schools, English nursery schools and kindergartens, and more. Rice planting, improving soil, digging for sweet potatoes, planting onions, harvesting soybeans, harvesting rice, and making rice flour pizza or miso paste are some of our popular programs. We will create a program tailored to your needs. Please feel free to contact us anytime about program details or availability.

We hold programs for schools and universities on weekdays, and open events for our members and the general public on weekends.

Yearly schedule of major programs:

January: Mochitsuki, April: cherry blossom viewing, May: rice planting, June: onion harvesting, July/August: summer school, vegetable harvesting, September: rice harvesting, October: onion planting, December: charity Christmas party.

Click here to learn more and sign up!

Training Programs

Training Programs

These days most adults have few opportunities to experience the natural environment. We hold experiential workshops to learn life skills from nature. Our programs have three themes: 1. Food and farming, 2. The environment, 3. Human development. We welcome corporate and organizational training visits.