Basic policy

We will hold events and workshops under the following infection prevention measures, so that everyone can participate with peace of mind.

Our basic policy regarding the new coronavirus

  • Prepare a “health check sheet” to check the symptoms such as body temperature and symptoms of participants and staff. (People with symptoms such as fever and cough are not allowed to participate)
  • Prepare disinfectant for cleaning hands.
  • Participants and staff are required to wear masks. (Especially when talking at a short distance or in a moving car, you will be asked to wear a mask)
  • In principle, we do not engage in activities that involve eating or drinking.
  • We will inform all participants to maintain their social distance, such as avoiding mutual contact, holding hands etc.
  • As a general rule, activities will be outdoors. (If participants move indoors, provide ventilation by opening two or more windows and try to avoid crowds of more than three people.)
  • The maximum number of participants in the event will be set depending on the infection status at the time of the event.