• 2022.06.20

P&N endorses the Climate Change Initiative (JCI) and actively promotes efforts to combat climate change!

P&N endorses the Climate Change Initiative (JCI) and actively promotes efforts to combat climate change! The Japan Climate Change Initiative (JCI), which Peace & Nature (P&N) endorsed last January, has now released a message to realize the Paris Agreement: “Now is the time to accelerate deployment of renewable energy: call for stronger climate action even amid the energy crisis”. ( The message calls for the “Clean Energy Strategy” being developed by the government to focus on promoting the development of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power, and to enable the introduction of 40-50% renewable energy by 2030 […]

  • 2021.11.29

Peace and Nature is utilizing dormant deposits to conduct the following projects.

The Japan Society of Urban Land Planners (JSURP) and the Japan Center for Regional Revitalization of Polluted Areas (Aozora Foundation) have selected Peace and Nature as an organization to promote the “Formation of a Community in which Foreigners Live and Support Each Other: Creating a Community that Links Mutual Support to Abundance” through the Emergency Support Grant for the New Coronavirus. Peace and Nature has been adopted as an implementing organization. Project name: Foreigners Support Local Farmers in Agricultural Work

  • 2021.09.06

Organic Farming and DIY Staff Wanted

We’re looking for (mostly) foreign assistants! Read below for more info! The main goal of this project is to help foreigners living in Japan affected by COVID-19. NPO Peace and Nature〒651-1525P&N OZO Base, 47 Hinishihara, Kita-ku, About us: Peace and Nature is an international non-profit organization based in Kobe since 2003. We grow rice, vegetables and herbs through organic farming. We also participate in the management of the mountains of Rokko and Ozo. We focus on the SDG goals, especially #4 Quality Education, #13 Climate Change, and #17 Partnership. Our mission is to develop global green leaders and our […]

  • 2020.06.30

Women’s empowerment retreat in nature 2020

Women ’s Empowerment Program Retreat in Nature 2020Retreat for women learning from nature“Let’s overcome corona vigorously! Special trial period” In March 2020, we “Women’s Empowerment Committee was preparing for a retreat for women. And, unexpectedly, this Coronavirus happened, but now since some area where the declaration of emergency has been lifted , from June 20 (Saturday) the first women’s retreat in nature will be held. We believe that women will play a major role in the coming era, the new normal after corona which will revolutionize our lives. First of all, we want to make our family and surrounding society […]

  • 2020.06.25

Workshop regarding CSR/CSV & SDGs involvement

-Companies, students, and NPOs think and act together! ~Peace and Nature will launch a new 2020 SDGs Action Project. This is a project for companies and students to find solutions together for issues (themes) targeting food, agriculture, and the environment. On January 25, we are planning to experience composting at the site (an area rich in nature in Kobe), cutting bamboo on farmland, and restoring eco-houses. The theme of the workshop is food loss. We look forward to your participation.