Environmental activities

We are promoting forestation in the Rokko and OZO areas.

Forest creation

Peace & Nature is engaged in forest-building activities on Mt. Rokko as a global environmental conservation activity. Peace & Nature is active near the summit of Mt. Kincho, which is adjacent to the mountain trail that connects Hokura Shrine to Fubukiiwa.
Throughout the year, we are engaged in activities such as planting wild cherry trees, maples and chestnuts, cutting undergrowth and pruning tall trees, and catching and investigating pests. By experiencing these activities, we learn the concept of forestation and acquire the skills needed, and experience the comfort of working in a forest full of negative ions.

Satoyama conservation

Bamboo logging
Bamboo (which is a local by-product ) is cut down, and used as fertilizer.

Green feather campaign

Coming soon

Regenerate OZO base with green energy.

The current house at OZO Base used to be a vacant house that had been abandoned for a long time. Parts that are difficult to use are dismantled, whilst also repairing broken parts. We are working to improve it as a base for events, and a place where you can experience traditional Japanese culture and food preparation.
Renewable energy and resources such as solar power, wind power, geothermal power, and biomass are always present in the natural world. Unlike fossil energy such as oil, coal, and natural gas, it is environmentally friendly and can be used repeatedly, so it is attractive as an alternative energy.
Peace & Nature built Aino High School of Agriculture based on OZO under the guidance of experts in Aoyama-cho, Mie Prefecture. It is an energy-saving kamado that can be cooked many times at once using only a small amount of fuel. Instead of using gas, we cook by using waste wood from the regeneration of vacant houses and thinned wood from forests.
In the future, we plan to use renewable natural energy to cover 100% of the electricity used at the OZO base. We are looking forward to the participation of all those interested in Peace & Nature’s renewable energy project.