Our Team

Founder,Representative Director
Bahram Enanloo

I experienced the Iran-Iraq War, and came to Japan 29 years ago seeking peace. I love Japan and its spirit of harmony. With a globalizing society and unpredictable future, many people are reawakening to the value of rural areas. Experiencing nature with our feet in the soil and learning “living wisdom” and traditional Japanese culture from the farmers in rural areas provides us with many lessons and discoveries. We invite you to join us our multi-nationality, multi-generational group and learn in nature. Let’s act together to sustain the earth for the next generation.

Deputy Director
Ms. Midori Yashiro
Deputy Director&Executive Director
Kan Aoki
Auditor&Ozo Base Leader
Suesawa Masaomi

Student & New Employee Team

Souhei Daifuku
(Kobe Social Campus)
Momoko WatanabeUi

Herb Garden Team

Yoshiko Izumi
Keiko MoriJunko Dodo
Susi YamanoRena KonishiRumiko Sakagami

Retreat Team

Business promotion dept. Director
Shinobu Enanloo
Sachiko InoueTakayo Osugi

Translation Support

Elizabeth OkadaClaudia Jennings Yamamoto

PR Support

Anita Moriguchi
Hana Moriguchi(Student Volunteer)

Yoga Instructor

Ms. Purvi Jhaveri


Masayasu KinoshitaMr. & Mrs. Hidenori & Shino Matsumoto


Michael Beard

News Letter

Tomoko Ring IkesuLyttelton Sanae