History & Awards

2003Founded by Bahram and Shinobu Enanloo.
2006We held many activities, including a World Children’s Summit and tree planting, and registered as an NPO.
2009We began our experiential workshops in rural areas that have retained a beautiful natural environment and traditional Japanese culture.

The founders were inspired to begin this work when their son developed allergies. They met Dr. Shigeru Yasuda, professor emeritus at Kobe University, and learned the importance of rice and vegetable farming without agricultural chemicals. While we were studying with the professor at his organic farming lessons, one of our members introduced us to a local farmer, and we started growing rice without agricultural chemicals along with our members and friends. We also began a vegetable gardening class in 2017, and we till fallow fields and use “bokashi” fertilizer to create healthy soil. We plant native seeds and grow seasonal vegetables and herbs. We are also preparing a kitchen to begin a cooking program. We will continue learning how to make things by hand in nature. We invite you to join us!