Human development

We provide new awareness and discoveries through nature experiences, international exchange, yoga / zazen, and community activities.

The purpose of Peace and Nature’s activities is to foster future green leaders * (* green leaders are people who learn from nature, know local and social issues, and act toward solutions). We have programs that allow you to grow steadily through practice, learning humbly in nature and sometimes learning through failures. Also, by working with people of various nationalities, you will naturally acquire an international understanding. Through agricultural and environmental activities programs, we are strengthening our partnership with SDGs No. 17, and by forming teams with companies, local governments, universities, and local residents, we are working to develop future human resources in Japan.

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As you breathe slowly and deeply in Zazen, your body gradually warms up, and you reach a point of “feeling comfortable “. Zazen is performed through correct breathing techniques.
1) Relaxing effect by alpha wave
2) Brain activation effect by secretion of serotonin
We recommend using master the breathing technique and use it in your daily life and work.


Yoga in nature is a rejuvenating program that regains your original strength.
Message from yoga instructor, Ms. Purvi
My strong belief is that sometimes it is important to spend more than one night in nature. Of course, it’s comfortable to sleep in your own bed, but nature has a different appeal. We will challenge each other while helping each other. Yoga, caring for vegetables, taking a walk with a flashlight at night, the first silent walk in the morning, and more! I don’t care about clothes, makeup, shoes, passion for life and excitement, that’s it. This precious experience in nature will make you stronger and more powerful than yesterday.