About P&N

Hello everyone, I am Bahram Enanloo from the NPO Peace & Nature.
I highly respect Japanese people and love Japanese culture, especially in the old days andbelieve in “Onkochishin”, which is a combination of mixing old Japanese traditions withnew technology. Strongly believe that children should be more connected to nature.
Nowadays,Technology, AI and the way we live is changing so fast, therefore education also needs to change accordingly. Knowledge and its potential are necessary, but it is not enough.

After all, we are all a part of nature and must live in peace & harmony with it.

I also believe we need to learn new skills in our life. Because of this, we run manydifferent projects and provide several workshops teaching about nature.

My desire in founding Peace & Nature in Japan, within such a rich culture with people that I deeply respect, is to create a platform that not only works in tandem with our technologically advanced society but one that is rooted in Mother Earth’s loving embrace.

Mother Earth is our greatest teacher but we are all so busy with life that we have cut ourselves off from our source. By embracing ancient Japanese traditions along with the advancement of new technology, we can live a borderless, sustainable, healthy,

happy, and thriving existence. Please visit our organic base just outside of Kobe city, in OZO.
You can become part of this global initiative to create an organic sustainable village while developing the tools to transform your lifestyle while you and your loved ones

commune with Mother Nature. Join us on this journey to a new way of life and a new earth for all.