About P&N

Bahram Enanloo started Peace and Nature in 2003 and was established as an NPO corporation in 2006. Based in Kobe, it is an international NPO corporation where both Japanese and foreigners work together. The catalyst for creating Peace and Nature was the allergies Bahram suffered from as a child. When he was looking for a solution, he met Professor Shigeru Yasuda, an emeritus professor at Kobe University, and learned the importance of pesticide-free food and the environment at an agricultural school. At the same time he started various forest activities. The purpose of these activities is to raise future green leaders. (* A green leader is a person who learns from nature, knows local and social issues, and acts to solve them.) Currently we have 450 members from 38 countries with 39 corporate members enrolled. Members from various countries are promoting their activities in Japan to the world in their respective languages through social networks. Many people of various nationalities, including Japanese and foreigners living in Japan, participate in extracurricular activities from kindergartens to universities and international schools, and as training for corporate employees, and promoting activities together in the community.

The purpose is to raise green leaders in Japan and overseas, promote the revitalization of agricultural and mountain villages, and promote exchanges between cities and rural areas, and contribute to the creation of a peaceful and blessed earth.

Corona has drastically changed our social structure, and the promotion of telework increased the number of people who do not need to work in city centers. Family members and younger generations are paying attention to a new way of life called Half Farming Half X (X is a lifestyle of living by favorite things and work). The corona infection has changed the consciousness of the Japanese people. The number of people paying attention to food / agriculture and environmental issues is increasing. They have become more interested in sustainable living that considers the natural environment and health, and the background that the keyword SDGs has permeated.

Representative message

Hello everyone, I am Bahram Enanloo from the NPO Peace & Nature.
I highly respect Japanese people and love Japanese culture, especially in the old days and
believe in “Onkochishin”, which is a combination of mixing old Japanese traditions with
new technology. Strongly believe that children should be more connected to nature.
Nowadays,Technology, AI and the way we live is changing so fast, therefore education also
needs to change accordingly. Knowledge and its potential are necessary, but it is not enough.
After all, we are all a part of nature and must live in peace & harmony with it.
I also believe we need to learn new skills in our life. Because of this, we run many
different projects and provide several workshops teaching about nature.
My desire in founding Peace & Nature in Japan, within such a rich culture with people
that I deeply respect, is to create a platform that not only works in tandem with our
technologically advanced society but one that is rooted in Mother Earth’s loving embrace.
Mother Earth is our greatest teacher but we are all so busy with life that we have cut
ourselves off from our source. By embracing ancient Japanese traditions along with
the advancement of new technology, we can live a borderless, sustainable, healthy,
happy, and thriving existence. Please visit our organic base just outside of Kobe city, in
OZO.You can become part of this global initiative to create an organic sustainable village
while developing the tools to transform your lifestyle while you and your loved ones
commune with Mother Nature. Join us on this journey to a new way of life and a new
earth for all.