Message from our Founder, Bahram!


I experienced the Iran-Iraq War, and came to Japan 29 years ago seeking peace. I love Japan and its spirit of harmony. With a globalizing society and unpredictable future, many people are reawakening to the value of rural areas. Experiencing nature with our feet in the soil and learning “living wisdom” and traditional Japanese culture from the farmers in rural areas provides us with many lessons and discoveries. We invite you to join us our multi-nationality, multi-generational group and learn in nature. Let’s act together to sustain the earth for the next generation.

What is P&N?

About Peace & Nature
Peace & Nature is an international NPO based in Kobe, where Japanese and international members work together.  We are revitalizing unused fields and growing rice and vegetables without agricultural chemical in the beautiful natural environment of Ozo, Kita-ku, Kobe, with the help of our neighbors in the area. Our strength is that we work together with people from around the world. We currently have members from 38 different countries collaborating together to pass on a sustainable environment to the next generation. We hold a variety of events and programs to experience growing food and improving the natural environment.
Our purpose: We work on the themes of “global peace and the environment”.
Our goal is to help children from Japan and around the world grow up healthy, promote revitalization of rural villages and interaction between urban and rural areas, and contribute to the creation of a peaceful and environmentally abundant earth.

Our History


Founded by Bahram and Shinobu Enanloo in 2003. We held many activities, including a World Children’s Summit and tree planting, and registered as an NPO in 2006. Starting in 2009, we began our experiential workshops in rural areas that have retained a beautiful natural environment and traditional Japanese culture. The founders were inspired to begin this work when their son developed allergies. They met Dr. Shigeru Yasuda, professor emeritus at Kobe University, and learned the importance of rice and vegetable farming without agricultural chemicals. While we were studying with the professor at his organic farming lessons, one of our members introduced us to a local farmer, and we started growing rice without agricultural chemicals along with our members and friends. We also began a vegetable gardening class in 2017, and we till fallow fields and use “bokashi” fertilizer to create healthy soil. We plant native seeds and grow seasonal vegetables and herbs. We are also preparing a kitchen to begin a cooking program. We will continue learning how to make things by hand in nature. We invite you to join us!

Akiya Renovation Edo Project

Akiya Renovation Project

Our themes are the “mottainai” (no waste) philosophy and the possibilities of renewable and natural energy. We named our project after the “mottainai” spirit of the Edo Period.

Our experiences working in the local area have made us aware of three issues.

  1. Japan’s food self-sufficiency is 39%
  2. Existence of abandoned fields and homes
  3. Today’s children have few opportunities to experience nature

Our goal is to create an interactive space for children and students of all nationalities to experience farming and cooking, encounter nature, and learn the importance of protecting our food and the environment.

This unused farmhouse has been abandoned for many years and is deteriorating. It is unusable in its current state, so we will repair it and install an open kitchen and toilets. We are also preparing to install a Japanese “doma” (earthen floor) and “kamado” (wood stove) to revitalize this house into a space to experience traditional Japanese cooking culture.

Check out these photos of our progress:

We are asking for help from individuals and organizations who support our goal of creating this learning space for children and students of all nationalities.

Our Target: 9.8 million yen (approx. $86,000 USD)

(Demolishing, repair, disposal of garbage, open kitchen installation, shower/toilet installation, and other costs)

Raised so far: 3.14 million yen
We still need: 6.66 million yen
32% achieved!

Donate at our online shop

Returns for your support:

5,000 yen -Thank-you card
10,000 yen -Persian pound cake made with rice flour (pomegranate & barberry)
30,000 yen -Persian pound cake made with rice flour (pomegranate & barberry)

-1 kg of organic rice (white or brown)

-Listing as a supporter on our website
50,000 yen -Persian pound cake made with rice flour (pomegranate & barberry)

-3 kg of organic rice (white or brown)

-Listing as a supporter on our website
100,000 yen -Persian pound cake made with rice flour (pomegranate & barberry)

-3 kg of organic rice (white or brown)

-Listing as a sponsor on our website

-We will invite you to our Ozo base for a fun party
 *We kindly request corporations to donate 30,000 yen or greater.


Our supporters
Special thanks to our supporters for your kind donation to our Project!
We really appreciate your care and support towards our activities.

Felissimo Japanese Traditional Living Culture Foundation
Rokko Island Foundation

Companies & Organizations:
Ca Marche
CUADRO Co., Ltd.
ACTIS Co., Ltd.
IVY Language School

Jon and Dawn Dicandilo
Ms. Machiko Nanbu
Mr. Takashi Hizaki
Mr. Yoshimasa Inoue
Mr. Hiroki Konishi
Mr & Mrs. Yuichi & Mieko Hida
Ms. Midori Yashiro
Ms. Purvi Jhaveri
Ms. Keiko Mori
Mr. Matsuda
Ms. Machiko Tada (Arty Kobe)
Ms. Rumiko Tanaka
Mr. & Mrs. Koji and Mitsuko Okamoto

Visit Our Ozo Base

Visit Us Ozo Logo

30 minutes by car from Sannomiya (downtown Kobe).

(Enter the following address into Google Maps and select the first set of directions (taking the “Rokko Toll Road” [六甲有料道路]).

Peace & Nature Ozo Base
47 Ozocho Hisaibara, Kita-ku, Kobe-shi Hyogo-ken 651-1525

Google Maps:〒651-1525+兵庫県神戸市北区大沢町日西原47/@34.8576938,135.1642537,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x600064bd2e3ec425:0xa87df2b9ec870a3f!8m2!3d34.8576894!4d135.1664477


(from Sannomiya)

  1. Take the Rokko Toll Road.
  2. Take the Rokko-Kita Toll Road and exit at the Yoshio Toll Road Ramp.
  3. Take prefectural highway 82 north to Ozo Elementary School in Ozocho Nakaozo, Kita-ku, Kobe.
  4. Cross the bridge across the street from Ozo Elementary School and drive up about 200 meters. Take the right fork to enter the parking lot.

Highway bus + taxi:

1. Take the bus from the Shinki Bus Terminal (directly east of JR Sannomiya Station) to Aeon Mall Kobe-Kita (38 mins), then take a taxi to our Ozo Base (10 mins).



(A bus is also available from Sanda. Please see the Aeon Mall Kobe-Kita website for details.)

2. Take the bus from the Shinki Bus Terminal (directly east of JR Sannomiya Station) to Fruits Flower Park (34 mins), then take a taxi to our Ozo Base (5 mins). This bus is only available on weekends!


(A bus is also available from Sanda. Please see the Fruits Flower Park website for details.)

*If you are visiting as a group, we recommend traveling to Aeon Mall or Fruits Flower Park by bus and then taking a taxi. This is the quickest and easiest way to visit us if you share the taxi fare among yourselves.

Train + local bus:

From Sannomiya, take the JR train to Amagasaki (15 mins), then transfer to the JR Takarazuka Line and get off at Sanda Station (33 mins).

From Osaka, take the JR Takarazuka Line and get off at Sanda Station (40 mins).

At Sanda Station, take the #10/#13/#18 bus (from bus station 6/8) and get off at the Ozo bus stop (15 mins). Our Ozo Base is a 10-minute walk from the bus stop.

*The bus stop and bus number at Sanda Station differs by time of day. Please make sure you get on one of the buses with the times below.

Bus schedule search (Japanese):

From Sanda to Ozo (Sat/Sun):
7:10 – 7:25
8:20 – 8:35
12:10 – 12:34
1:30 – 1:45
3:05 – 3:29
3:50 – 4:05
5:10 – 5:25

From Ozo to Sanda (Sat/Sun):
7:48 – 8:06
9:41 – 10:02
10:38 – 11:05
12:18 – 12:40
1:03 – 1:35
4:04 – 4:31
4:23 – 4:45
6:01 – 6:22

From Sanda to Ozo (weekdays):
7:10 – 7:25
8:30 – 8:48
8:51 – 9:18
12:10 – 12:34
12:35 – 12:50
1:30 – 1:57
2:10 – 2:34
3:05 – 3:29
3:23 – 3:38
4:30 – 4:45
4:25 – 4:52
5:50 – 6:06
7:30 – 7:45

From Ozo to Sanda (weekdays):
6:59 – 7:19
7:51 – 8:10
8:46 – 9:05
9:38 – 9:58
10:15 – 10:52
1:08 – 1:35
1:42 – 2:19
2:29 – 2:47
2:38 – 3:05
4:04- 4:31
4:53 – 5:16
5:41 – 6:19
7:07 – 7:28

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IZUHEI Co., Ltd.

Mori Kosan Co., Ltd.


K.K. Sun Builder, Real Estate


Ca Marche




Aizawa Shokusan

Maeda Real Estate
All Japan Relocation

KENKO Mayonnaise Co., Ltd.
Kenko Mayonnaise is joining as a new member. We share a Kobe hometown with P&N, and have just reached our 60th anniversary. We’re looking forward to working together with all of you in acting on an international level right here in Kobe.

Rokko Butter Co., LTD.

Ivy International Kids School


Pillar Strength


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Fugetsudo Co., Ltd.

Nishimura Seigetsudo Co., Ltd.

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Canadian Academy

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Seed – Soil – Human Institute for Future

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Masuya Co., Ltd.




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Media Coverage

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North Kobe
Community Travel Guide Series #6

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Contact Us

Peace & Nature Office
3-1-18-7F Kitanocho, Chuo-ku, Kobe
Phone/fax: 078-779-7474

Peace & Nature Ozo Base
47 Ozocho Hisaibara, Kita-ku, Kobe-shi Hyogo-ken 651-1525
Please contact us before you visit our Ozo Base.