Hiking Course

Here’s our recommended hiking course!
Great for people who don’t have a car or who enjoy hiking. Walk from Fruits Flower Park to our Ozo Base in about 30 minutes.
Make sure to enjoy the tranquil farmland scenery on this pleasant walk.

1)Start by getting off at this bus stop.

2) Go back the way the bus came, all the way down to the intersection.

3)Cross at the crosswalk.

4)You’ll see a Marudai Farm sign on your right.

5)Keep going straight up this gentle hill.

6)After a while, this scenery will come into view.

7)Take a break and enjoy the view here!

8)You’ll see this sign on your right.

10)But don’t follow the sign on your right. Keep going straight.

11)Apparently this road is called “Taiyo to Midori no Michi” (Sun and Greenery Road).

12)When you see this sign for Kosanji Temple (光山寺), take a right.

13)Walk for about three minutes, then take a left when you run into this road.

14)Keep going straight, and you’ll run into a white building. Take a left here.

15)When you see this small Jizo shrine alcove, look to the right!

16)Goal! You made it! This is the Peace & Nature Ozo Base! Good job!