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  • 2020.06.25

Rice Harvest Workshop 2018 in Ozo

We are redeveloping a fallow field! Enjoy nature in our Peace & Nature farm. We make our organic rice with no chemicals for fertilizing, only a natural manure! Join us and learn the traditional way of Japanese rice harvest and work together to promote safe food and the environment together! We set up 2 days this year! Please join us!

  • 2020.05.22

TAUE Workshop – June 1st – 14th

NPO Peace and Nature produces rice without using pesticides in OZO, Kita-ku, Kobe.  This year, to prevent the spread of coronavirus, we postponed the rice planting workshop, but considering the recent situation, we would like to schedule it in June. Food shortages are of particular concern this year, and we want to keep growing rice, the staple food of Japan, and provide harvested rice to children and their families who are having trouble eating due to the effects of the new coronavirus. We would like to invite all of you who support us on a regular basis to participate in […]