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#51 SDGs Action Workshop

— Makomo Harvest Festival —Let’s harvest MAKOMO(Straw mats) in the rich nature of OZO and make shimenawa (sacred straw ropes) and wreaths! Since the Jomon period (before rice culture was introduced), Makomo have been used for food, roofing, clothing, and shelter. At Izumo-taisha shrine, a Shinto ritual called “Makomatsuri” is held every June, and makomo are still used as sacred straw ropes at shrines with long histories. These makomo have been found to help purify water quality in lakes and marshes, and are once again attracting attention.Peace & Nature is working to restore fallow fields to produce Makomo, which have […]

  • 2022.05.09

SDGs Online Roundtable (16th) Thinking about Peace

SDGs Online Roundtable (16th) Thinking about Peace How should we think and act in the midst of climate change, new coronavirus infections, and armed aggression? We hope that this is a world in which adults show children that such actions will not be tolerated. On May 26, we will invite Mr. Kuzushita and Ms. Nakamura, who have been active as atomic bomb storytellers, to talk about the absurdity of the atomic bombing through their own experiences. This is a rare opportunity. The issue of nuclear weapons is a current issue. We look forward to your participation. Date and Time: Thursday, […]

  • 2020.06.25

Rice Harvest Workshop 2018 in Ozo

We are redeveloping a fallow field! Enjoy nature in our Peace & Nature farm. We make our organic rice with no chemicals for fertilizing, only a natural manure! Join us and learn the traditional way of Japanese rice harvest and work together to promote safe food and the environment together! We set up 2 days this year! Please join us!

  • 2020.05.22

TAUE Workshop – June 1st – 14th

NPO Peace and Nature produces rice without using pesticides in OZO, Kita-ku, Kobe.  This year, to prevent the spread of coronavirus, we postponed the rice planting workshop, but considering the recent situation, we would like to schedule it in June. Food shortages are of particular concern this year, and we want to keep growing rice, the staple food of Japan, and provide harvested rice to children and their families who are having trouble eating due to the effects of the new coronavirus. We would like to invite all of you who support us on a regular basis to participate in […]