Events Report

  • 2022.02.05

SDGs Online Roundtable (5th)] (2021.5.27)

On Thursday, May 27th, we held the 5th SDGs Online Roundtable Discussion. This time, Mr. Katsuya Aizawa, representative of Aizawa Shokusan, a natto producer in the Himeji area, spoke about natto production and soybean farming, and 26 participants thought about the SDGs.Mr. Aizawa said that he actively uses local ingredients, which leads to food mileage (the idea of reducing the environmental impact of transporting raw materials by using crops grown nearby), and that he also manufactures organic natto by obtaining JAS organic product certification. He also explained that weed and insect control is a major issue in organic farming, which […]

  • 2022.02.05

SDGs Online Roundtable (4th)] (2021.4.28)

On April 28 (Wed.), 22 people participated in Peace & Nature’s 4th SDGs Online Roundtable Discussion. This time, Mr. Yasufuku, President of Kobe Shushinkan, the brewer of Fukuju, which has been brewing sake in Nada for generations since 1751, introduced the SDGs initiatives.Mr. Yasufuku’s efforts to save energy, water, and bottles through systematic investment in facilities, while improving productivity and being environmentally conscious, as well as his contributions to the local community, such as donating to the Stork Fund in relation to biodiversity and holding rakugo (traditional Japanese comic storytelling) and concerts, were highly evaluated, and he received the Minister […]

  • 2020.11.21

Report SDGs Off-Campus Learning (Yuri Gakuin High School)

On October 30, we welcomed about 90 second-year students from Yuri Gakuin High School to conduct SDGs off-campus learning, and in the morning and afternoon, five courses related to SDGs, “(1) Bamboo cutting experience / Bamboo powder making tour”・ Experience, ② Rice straw weaving experience / 菰 barrel making tour / experience, ③ Tree planting experience (undergrowth cutting and tree planting experience), ④ Field making / harvesting experience (onion seedling planting, edible bean harvesting experience), ⑤ Zazen experience ” We divided into two and conducted hands-on activities. Many of the students had their first experience with each course, and I […]