CATEGORY Events Report

  • 2020.11.21

Report SDGs Off-Campus Learning (Yuri Gakuin High School)

On October 30, we welcomed about 90 second-year students from Yuri Gakuin High School to conduct SDGs off-campus learning, and in the morning and afternoon, five courses related to SDGs, “(1) Bamboo cutting experience / Bamboo powder making tour”・ Experience, ② Rice straw weaving experience / 菰 barrel making tour / experience, ③ Tree planting experience (undergrowth cutting and tree planting experience), ④ Field making / harvesting experience (onion seedling planting, edible bean harvesting experience), ⑤ Zazen experience ” We divided into two and conducted hands-on activities. Many of the students had their first experience with each course, and I […]