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  • 2020.06.25

Rokko Forest Creation Tree Planting

NPO Peace & Nature is working to within the Rokko forest, with the aim of harmonizing and reviving nature as part of our SDG efforts. Peace & Nature is near Kinchosan, which is adjacent to the mountain trail that connects Hokura Shrine to Fubukiiwa. At this forest-building activity, we will plant 30 Yamazakura, Yamaboshi and Mitsuba Azalea trees. It is an event where people from various countries work together. Please feel free to join us. [Date] March 7 (Sat) * Cancelled in case of rain (in case of rain, final decision is made at 7:00 am on the 7th)(If March 7 […]

  • 2020.06.25

Workshop regarding CSR/CSV & SDGs involvement

-Companies, students, and NPOs think and act together! ~Peace and Nature will launch a new 2020 SDGs Action Project. This is a project for companies and students to find solutions together for issues (themes) targeting food, agriculture, and the environment. On January 25, we are planning to experience composting at the site (an area rich in nature in Kobe), cutting bamboo on farmland, and restoring eco-houses. The theme of the workshop is food loss. We look forward to your participation.

  • 2020.05.26

Policy on Events and Rice Planting

Our Present Policy on Events and Rice Planting for NPO Corporation Peace & Nature In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus, Hyogo Prefecture has issued “Hyogo Prefecture Coping Policy for “New Coronavirus Infection” on April 7. Therefore, Peace & Nature (P & N) will suspend or postpone all events until June, based on the Hyogo Prefecture’s policy and request. However, during this time, P & N will prepare for new online events using infection prevention measures. P & N activities, such as growing rice and vegetables, depend on the season. There is a concern about food shortages this year, […]

  • 2020.05.22

TAUE Workshop – June 1st – 14th

NPO Peace and Nature produces rice without using pesticides in OZO, Kita-ku, Kobe.  This year, to prevent the spread of coronavirus, we postponed the rice planting workshop, but considering the recent situation, we would like to schedule it in June. Food shortages are of particular concern this year, and we want to keep growing rice, the staple food of Japan, and provide harvested rice to children and their families who are having trouble eating due to the effects of the new coronavirus. We would like to invite all of you who support us on a regular basis to participate in […]

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