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Upcoming Events

Earth Day 2018 Activity in Ozo! 4/21 (Sat), 4/22 (Sun)

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated on April 22. Worldwide, various events are held to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Peace & Nature Green Impact Chain w [...]

Zazen Meditation Workshop 4/28 (Sat)

Peace and Nature is holding Zazen Meditation workshops as part of our mission to develop the human potential of participants and to raise ‘Global Green Leaders’. In Zazen, your slo [...]

Earth Day & Herb Garden Project Vol#2 – 4/22 (Sun)

Earth Day & Herb Garden Project Vol#2 For worldwide Earth Day, we will water and tend our herb garden. We will plant seeds in plastic pots to grow the seedlings we will plant f [...]

Mt. Rokko Forest Revitalization 5/27 (Sun)

Mt. Rokko Forest Revitalization Forest Preservation Activity in Rokko Mountain   Peace & Nature is working to revitalize the forest on Mt. Rokko as part of our mission to reviv [...]

Taue Workshop 2018 in OZO 5/26 (Sat), 6/3 (Sun)

Taue Workshop 2018 in OZO    We’re redeveloping a fallow field! New things to learn! 2 days – feel free to come both days! Peace & Nature is growing rice without any chemical f [...]


New Peace & Nature Intro Video!

This awesome intro video was made by student volunteers! Watch to see what we do at P&N and learn about our mission. [...]

2018 Schedule

Check out our 2018 event schedule! We've got even more fun events to be added, but take a look now and mark your calendars! Download here: 2018 Schedule [...]

Introducing our new sponsor: Kenko Mayonnaise Co., Ltd.!

Introducing our new sponsor! Message from Kenko Mayonnaise Co., Ltd. Kenko Mayonnaise is joining as a new member. We share a Kobe hometown with P&N, and have just reached our 6 [...]


Mt. Rokko Tree Planting (3/3) Report

Peace & Nature is working to revitalize the forest on Mt. Rokko as part of our mission to create an abundant and sustainable environment for the next generation together. We ha [...]

15th Anniversary Party & Ozo Base Housewarming Report

We held Peace & Nature's 15th Anniversary Party and Ozo Base Housewarming on November 3, 2017. More than 60 of our friends and supporters gathered to celebrate with us. In the [...]

2017 Rice Harvest Workshop Report

On September 23rd and 30th of last year,  we harvested our very first crop of rice on the fallow field we revitalized. This land had been dormant in a natural state for several yea [...]

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We’re looking for a used van (with 6-8 seats) to transport people from the train station to our Ozo Base. Any info welcome! info@peace-and-nature.com

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Got a used light truck? We need one for work around the farm. Help us out! info@peace-and-nature.com

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