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  • 2022.02.22

# 44 SDGs Action Workshop – March 26 – ffective use of bamboo (cutting bamboo, making bamboo charcoal, making compost)

#44 SDGs Action Workshop – March 26Effective use of bamboo (cutting bamboo, making bamboo charcoal, making compost) If you take a look at the scenery when you ride a train or go out to the suburbs for a while, it is not uncommon to see bamboo forests. Nowadays, many forests are being replaced by bamboo forests. Bamboo is also an important plant, but too much of it is not good. The main reasons for this are the loss of biodiversity and the tendency for landslides to occur. P&N is working to cut down these bamboos and return them to their […]

  • 2022.02.17

#43 – SDGs Action Workshop – March 20th – Satoyama / forest conservation activities

#43 -SDGs Action Workshop – March 20th – Satoyama / forest conservation activities(tree planting, logging, firewood chopping) As a part of the global SDGs initiative, Peace & Nature is working with people of various nationalities, companies, students, and local communities to conserve satoyama and forests by reclaiming fallow land and maintaining bamboo forests. On March 20th, we will hold a workshop on forest circulation (planting, cutting, and chopping wood) in the OZO-cho area of Kita-ku, Kobe City. The firewood will be provided to a local hot spring, which is an SDGs action for local recycling. We hope that you will be […]

  • 2022.02.05

SDGs Online Roundtable (3rd)] (2021.3.25)

On Thursday, March 25, Peace & Nature held its third SDGs online roundtable discussion with 18 participants. This time, Mr. Hozumi, President of Hozumi Alloy Manufacturing, introduced the SDGs for companies. His company was established 92 years ago, and his company’s policy itself is very much in line with SDGs, and he talked about the development of products related to SDGs. ( From the perspective of environmental protection and effective use of resources, they have developed a bamboo powder production machine as a countermeasure against damage to bamboo forests in satoyama, and are effectively using bamboo powder as fertilizer, feed, […]

  • 2022.02.05

SDGs Online Roundtable Discussion (2nd)] (2021.2.25)

On Thursday, February 25, we held an online SDGs roundtable discussion on education in the “post-Corona” era.The lecturer was Mr. Hiroji Matsuoka of Kobe University (, who has been developing ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) activities. He spoke on the theme of “How do we learn and grow together with youth? We were deeply touched by his words, “It is important for us to accumulate encounters and experiences with a variety of people, even if each encounter is small, so that we can become aware of human diversity and the multifaceted nature of the world, and continue to reshape ourselves […]

  • 2022.02.05

SDGs Online Roundtable Discussion (Vol. 1)] (2021.1.28)

On Thursday, January 28, we held an online SDGs roundtable discussion on education in the “post-Corona” era.The lecturer for the first session was Mr. Masaharu Okada, President of Yunus Japan, a general incorporated association engaged in “social business,” which seeks to solve social problems from a business perspective. He introduced the “Seven Principles for Social Business,” “Economy without Morality is a Crime, Morality without Economy is a Bedtime Story,” and “Three Zeroes: Poverty, Unemployment, and Carbon Emissions. About 40 people attended, and we had a lot of questions from the students, which made for a cross-cultural communication in both English […]

  • 2022.02.05

SDGs Online Roundtable (Vol.13) February 24, 2022

SDGs Action Project— SDGs Online Roundtable (Vol.13)Thinking and Acting in the New Era of Post-Corona Climate change, fragmented society, AI technological innovation, and the global spread of the new coronavirus are forcing major changes in the international order. How should we think and act in such a situation? On Thursday, February 24, Ms. Erina Imai, who has been working on climate change issues as an organizer of Fridays For Future Kobe since her student days, will talk about “global trends, issues in Japan, youth activities and hopes” related to climate change. These are the efforts of young people who are […]

  • 2022.02.05

SDGs Online Roundtable Discussion (Vol. 12)] (2022.1.27)

On Thursday, January 27th, we had a talk by Mr. Aiyuki Kinugasa of Yume-Kobo in Himeji Yume-saki, who is engaged in agriculture with a desire to contribute to health and a rich food culture by providing “safety, freshness, and excitement” to customers as an agricultural professional.Just like humans, vegetables and rice do not need to rely on pesticides if they are made healthy. In order to do so, it is important to improve the growth environment of microorganisms in the soil, and he was one of the first to start growing rice without pesticides, practicing a new form of agriculture. […]

  • 2022.02.05

SDGs Online Roundtable Discussion (11th)] (2021.11.25)

On Thursday, November 25, we held the 11th SDGs Online Roundtable, inviting as a guest speaker Mr. Sagara of Hankyu Hanshin Holdings, a company that has been involved in social contribution activities in the corporate sector since its inception.Ms. Sagara has been actively involved in the SDGs since before the term “SDGs” was coined, and has been promoting the “Hankyu Hanshin Future Vision Town Project” since 2009 with the keywords of creating a local environment and nurturing the next generation. For children, they provide opportunities for employees to visit schools as instructors to help them realize that their “interests and […]

  • 2022.02.05

SDGs Online Roundtable Discussion (Vol. 10)] (2021.10.28)

On Thursday, October 28, we held the 10th SDGs Online Roundtable Meeting, inviting as a guest speaker Mr. Okude, Representative of Honmamon Inc. who is newly engaged in activities to “nurture the ability to survive in the future” in the nature-rich Nishi Awakura Village in Okayama Prefecture.Students in the fourth year of elementary school through the third year of junior high school commute to elementary and junior high schools in Nishiawakura Village and live together with their team and staff for one year. Depending on the age of the students, they learn how to plant rice, grow vegetables, make miso, […]

  • 2022.02.05

SDGs Online Roundtable (9th)] (2021.9.23)

On Thursday, September 23, we held the 9th SDGs Online Roundtable Discussion. Mr. Seiji Kawanaka from Toyooka was invited as a guest speaker to talk about his efforts in wood pellets, one of the biomass fuels, and 21 participants thought about the SDGs.A request from Toyooka City to use pellets to create a feeding ground for storks led to the development of various types of mixed pellets. After repeated experiences such as the increase of burning waste when using reed due to its high silica content, he found that by mixing pine, he could make pellets in a stable manner […]

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